We’re inviting you to dive into the thrilling world of the Hot Hot Fruit slot game! Donโ€™t miss your chance to learn about the jackpot rules and try your luck playing for real money. On our website, you’ll also find the unique opportunity to test out the demo mode of the slot, allowing you to get acquainted with the game and its features without any risk before placing real bets.

Learn more about the “Mini”, ‘Minor” and ‘Major”, as well as what percentage of your wager contributes to them. Don’t skip our latest big win and jackpot statistics further down in the text. We have gathered statistics to help you understand the dynamics and inspire you to achieve new heights with Hot Hot Fruit. Enter the jackpot race today and you could be the next lucky winner to hit the big time in just one spin!

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Hot Hot Fruit Big Win Statistics

This table provides a detailed look at the significant wins in the Hot Hot Fruit online slot game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the online casino scene, this table is a testament to the winning possibilities that await. We are confident that these players followed our play strategy recommendations.

DatePlayer nicknameWinning symbolNumber of paylinesWinning multiplierBet per spin, RTotal winnings, R
18.04.2024NovaStar7 Symbol11750225168750
16.04.2024XenoSpecter7 Symbol1525000451125000
14.04.2024bbq3457 Symbol13120090108000
13.04.2024QuantumLeaf7 Symbol15250003.1578750
12.04.2024x47t9bBar Symbol720045090000
11.04.2024NeonFlash7 Symbol1440004501800000
10.04.2024qp987 Symbol8400450180000
09.04.2024z3n07 Symbol131200225270000
06.04.2024g88t567 Symbol14400090360000
04.04.2024k12m557 Symbol730022567500
01.04.2024202420247 Symbol15250003.1578750
31.03.2024FrostByte227 Symbol1440004501800000
27.03.2024CyberPhoenix4137 Symbol15250003.1578750
26.03.202486753097 Symbol14400090360000
23.03.2024nick00077 Symbol1525000451125000
22.03.2024darktoy7 Symbol131200225270000
20.03.2024poco1998Bar Symbol8250450112500
17.03.2024winID20247 Symbol10600450270000
12.03.2024lottoLion8087 Symbol1525000451125000
11.03.2024NdebeleNoble7 Symbol15250003.1578750
10.03.2024PondoPoker7 Symbol1440004501800000
09.03.2024TsongaTwist7 Symbol13120090108000
08.03.2024AmakhosiAim7 Symbol730022567500
06.03.2024player789107 Symbol12800450360000
04.03.2024KwaitoKwiz7 Symbol510045045000

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Hot Hot Fruit Jackpot Rules

Types of Jackpots:

In Hot Hot Fruit, you stand a chance to win one of three exciting jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot starts off at a lekker R150.
  • Minor Jackpot kicks off with R500.
  • Major Jackpot begins at R1000.

For every bet ya make, 0.5% goes into the pot for each of these jackpots.

General Rules for Jackpots:

  • A bit of your bet always gets tucked away into the jackpot pools.
  • These jackpots grow with every bet placed and don't cap โ€“ they can get massive!
  • Winning a jackpot is all down to luck โ€“ theyโ€™re triggered randomly.
  • The more you contribute to the jackpot, the better your chances of winning.
  • If someone hits the jackpot, itโ€™s theirs alone โ€“ no shared wins here.
  • Once a jackpot is won, it resets to its starting amount.
  • The winning amount is whatever the jackpot's sitting at on the server, rounded to two decimals.
  • You might win in a different currency, but don't stress, it all adds up to your wins.
  • Jackpot wins are on top of any other wins you scoop up.
  • Just remember, no jackpot wins during fun or bonus play.

What If You Get Disconnected?

  • If you lose connection, the jackpot freezes until you're back in action.
  • If your bet was in before the disconnect, you're still in the running to win the jackpot. Any wins will wait patiently in your player balance until you return.

Return to Player (RTP):

  • The theoretical RTP for Hot Hot Fruit is a solid 96.84%.
  • Each of the jackpots (Mini, Minor, and Major) has an RTP of 1.00%, based on game stats and independent of player strategies.

Now that's a fair dinkum way to have a bash at some serious wins, all while enjoying the vibrant vibes of Hot Hot Fruit!


Your wins depend on how many matching symbols you get

For your convenience, we've put together a table with all the possible multipliers. The more matching symbols you get, the higher your winnings will be. The top-paying symbols are the 7 Symbol and Bar Symbol. Keep an eye out for them!

Number on Payline3456789101112131415
7 Symbol10x40x100x150x300x400x500x600x750x800x1200x4000x25000x
Bar Symbol5x30x75x175x200x250x300x900x-----